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Programma // Classic You & Rocket Fuel


Classic You & Rocket Fuel

Classic You
Five friends sat down together in a post apocalyptic world after Covid. Due to their passion of music they soon realized they could bring joy and happiness to all the classic people they've met over the years. It's time to give back! And what better way to achieve this then through some good old punkrock music! All with a different background in music each of us brings something different to the table which we violently throw together to make your classic heads bounce up and down. We just released our debut EP 'Empty World' so you can bring that live experience back into your houses.

Rocket Fuel
Rocket Fuel werd in 2018 opgericht en bestaat uit vier mannen die kerosine door de aderen hebben lopen! De band met roots in rockstad Den Haag besloot dat thrashy metal riffs, 90s punkrock energy en stampende metal grooves lang vergeten beste vrienden zijn en dat hoor en voel je terug.



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