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Programma // gladde paling


gladde paling

♬ gladde paling
In the summer of 2021, a Dutch producer/dj decided he wanted to start something new and fresh.
The name of this new project would be ‘gladde paling’. Without overthinking it he started to produce several meme tracks with Dutch samples taken out of old computer games, internet memes or nostalgic songs. In no time we went from local hits like ‘een vliegtuig’ to big collaborations with artists like Vieze Asbak.
What started of as some sort of joke became a big (inter)national success. With shows all over the country and more than half a million streams on Spotify, paling proved himself to be a worthy artist in the Dutch bass scene. Everyone loves his famous tags and the nostalgic samples.
The producer behind the paling has been making music since he was very young. His years of experience made him the skilled producer he is today. These high quality productions combined with the creative aspect of this new alias is for gladde paling the formula to success.



Doelgroep 13+
Datum za 04-11-2023
Podium Grote podium
Zaal open 21h00
Zaal sluit 0h30
Tijden 21h00 - 22h00 | DJ Kaasbroodje
22h00 - 23h00 | DJ Kraay
23h00 - 00h00 | gladde paling
Toegang voorverkoop: €12,50 | aan de zaal: €15,00
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