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Programma // Those Foreign Kids & The Klittens


Those Foreign Kids & The Klittens

♬ Those Foreign Kids
Whilst the noise-rock duo start their album woozy and out-for-the-count, they soon steady themselves and deliver a solid stream of high energy garage rock which harnesses the heavily-effected guitar riffs of Marijn Westerlaken, the blistering drums of Teun Heijmans and their shared falsetto vocals. Whilst Those Foreign Kids' previous albums sounded something like a punk rock band soundtracking a slow-mo video of the world imploding, this one sounds more like a straight-up fucking party.

♬ The Klittens
The Klittens are five musicians on a mission, untrained but unbothered. A band for those who have a knack for happy songs and sad sentiments. Their music is a surprising mix of indie-fuzz and DIY. The result: a repertoire that reaches from dark post-punk to danceable songs about grandma’s.




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